Laura Ahearn, social worker and attorney has dedicated her career to protecting our most vulnerable and providing help to those in need.  She has a 25 year proven track record of delivering for Suffolk County as a fierce advocate and collaborator who has helped draft and pass local, state, and federal policies and legislation. 

Over the past 25 years she has demonstrated her commitment to Suffolk County families, workers, small businesses, women and children and our most vulnerable and she will use her skills, experience, and passion to fight for us as the State Senator in Senate District 1 on issues such as:    

Fighting for Our Fair Share

Suffolk County was already losing our fair share before COVID-19 we have to fight even harder now.  

COVID-19 Action Plan and Restarting our Economy 

  • Get medical professionals, law enforcement, and essential workers the tests and supply of protective equipment they need;

  • Extend unemployment benefits for those who need it;

  • Ensure healthcare access for all and lower prescription drug prices; 

  • Get Suffolk’s small businesses the help they need so we all come back from this nightmare pandemic stronger.

  • Support investments in infrastructure to create more jobs for New Yorkers.  

Protecting & Preserving our Environment, our Groundwater, our Estuaries and Addressing Climate Change Damage and Prevention Issues

  • Ensure we do not lose the progress we have made in addressing climate change damage and that Suffolk County has a voice in the creation of the State Climate Change scoping plan.  

  • Fighting for our fair share with the Restore Mother Nature Bond Act funds 


Promoting an Economy that Works for All of Us 

  • Prioritize spending on education to ensure students, teachers, & parents are able to thrive in the new academic environment, including making remote learning technology accessible to all who need it.

  • Addressing needs for affordable workforce housing including revitalizing our downtowns and creating transit based housing 

  • Tax relief for seniors 

  • Fair wages and protecting workers by ensuring safe work environments

Individual Rights, Keeping our Community Safe, and Promoting Public Safety 

  • Fighting for our Reproductive Rights

  • Protecting and expanding LGBTQ rights

  • Combatting MS-13 gang violence in schools and in our community

  • Ensuring Suffolk County has the resources to address the opioid epidemic

  • Fighting for sexual assault and domestic violence victims rights

  • Strengthening Megan's Law

  • Common sense gun safety education

  • Ensuring Problem Solving Courts such as the Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and Veteran's Court have the staff and resources they need.